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Coronavirus Pandemic Update 42: Immunity to COVID-19 and is Reinfection Possible?

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 42 with Roger Seheult, MD of https://www.MedCram.com

With medical professionals, supplies, and equipment in short supply during the coronavirus pandemic, understanding how viral antibodies and immunity works (and the possibility of reinfection) is a key concept. Dr. Seheult reviews an encouraging pre-print (non-peer-reviewed) study that showed that COVID-19 re-infection was not observed in a primate called macaques.

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Many other videos on COVID-19 and other medical topics (ECG Interpretation, hypertension, DKA, acute kidney injury, influenza, measles, mechanical ventilation, etc.) at MedCam.com

Speaker: Roger Seheult, MD
Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine.

Produced by Kyle Allred, PA

Media Contact: Hayley@MedCram.com

MedCram medical videos are for medical education and exam preparation, and NOT intended to replace recommendations from your doctor.
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