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How Parasite Can Weaken Your Immune System | Podcast #285

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How Parasite Can Weaken Your Immune System | Podcast #285

Audio Podcast:

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Gut function can impact your immune system, especially parasites.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani discusses that while some argue we can co-exist with these kind of pathogens, just looking at lab testing and clinical symptoms (mood, sleep patterns, acne, etc.) we see the exact opposite because of how they cause inflammation, disrupt the gut barrier, lower stomach acid, cause malabsorption, and more.

There are two ways parasites cause problems, #1 you get exposed to a large bolus of the parasite and it overwhelms your system, or #2 you become exposed in smaller amounts and due to stress your gut barriers and immune system are weakened while your hydrochloric acid and enzyme levels are lowered. You body will have a harder time fighting against the pathogen in a weakened state.

In this podcast, Dr. J and Dr. Evan Brand also teach us more about lactobacillus acidophilus, the body's natural response to parasites (like diarrhea), gut permeability, false parasite myths (parasites are rare, you need a strong antiparasitic drug to get rid of the bug, water quality and reverse osmosis water filters, and more.

A trustworthy saying Dr. J has developed in relation to the topic of parasites and bacteria: "bad bacteria eats nutrients and poops toxins, while good bacteria eats toxin and poops nutrients."

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